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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:


  1. Registration & Maintenance Fee Requirements­: The ?Non-Refundable? Registration & Maintenance Fee will be equal of what your weekly payment will be for your transportation services. The Registration & Maintenance Fee will be a once a year requirement for any transportation services requested. This fee will be applied toward the vehicles maintenance for the year. In additional, the fee will cover the company administrative fees, Commercial Insurance for fleet vehicles, Work Comp and Liability insurance for Drivers. And any Training Programs that will better the safety for our customers and Drivers.
  2. Contract Cancellation/ Termination: The client will be charged a ?Full Charge? Cancellation Fee if, Old School Transportation is not notified in writing and give a two week notice.
  3. School Runs: All Pickups/Drop off are scheduled according to the School Calendar or Day Care Calendar and how many days or weeks are in a Trimester year.
  4. Weekly Rates: All weekly rates are set at a (5) Day Schedule. The Contracting Party will be charged the full weekly rate for (5) Day Schedule.
  5.  Separate Days or Split Days rates will be slightly higher then the (5) Day Schedule if not setup in the contract.
  6. If school is out on Half Days, Holidays, Conferences, Teacher In-Service Day and Inclement Weather the Contracting Party will be charged for those days. Due to those days, may fall in the (5) day schedule week.
  7. Christmas Breaks and Spring Breaks will not be charge to the Contracting Party. Due to the students are off the schedule/SCHOOL CLOSED.
  8. Vacation Time Off: If a client is going to be on vacation from the Day Care for a week. The client must give Old School Transportation a one week notice in writing. If we do not receive the notice the client will be charged. If the notice was received by Old School Transportation, there will not be a charge for that week off to the client.
  9. Returned Checks: A $30.00 fee will be applied to your Bill/Account. Plus you?re payment and any legal fees if necessary.
  10. Schedule Changes: All scheduled changes must be in writing and give Old School Transportation (24) hrs. Notice.
  11. No Show/ No Call: Client will be charged.
  12. Sick Days: The client will be charge for single sick days off. When the sick day fall with in the (5) day school schedule.  A week off, due to illness will not be charge to the client, if the clients call Old School Transportation With in a 24 hrs notice.
  13. Families with (2) or more siblings will be charge half price equal of the full rate. Siblings who are going different school location will be charge the full rates.
  14. Extra Stops: There will be additional charges for any extra locations stops. The rate will be applied to the bill that was not contracted.
  15. Late Fees: If your payment is not received on the scheduled day you have agreed on, a $8.00 Late Fee will be applied to your account on the first day and $5.00 for every day you are late until your account is ?Paid in Full?.
  16. All payments are due every ? Monday morning (Weekly) when the Driver picks up your child.

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